Workplace Poster Revised: Washington and Seattle


The State of Washington and the City of Seattle recently revised their respective workplace posters.  These posters need to be displayed in employers’ workplaces where employees can see and read them.  Employers should replace the old posters and post the revised versions as required.


The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) slightly updated the contents of “Your Rights as a Worker” and changed the size to two 11-inch by 17-inch pages.  There are also separate posters in Spanish, and 8.5-inch by 11-inch posters in seven other languages (no Japanese version).

All required posters may be obtained for free from the L&I as follows:

  • Download from the L&I’s webpage and print the posters
  • Order the posters via online
  • Order the posters by phone at 800-547-8367
  • Email ( a request for posters

If employees work from their home or vehicle, the posters need not to be displayed.  However, the employers are still required to make these posters available to their employees where they can see and read them.  To comply with this requirement, the employers may mail the posters to their employees or email them the link to the posters and instruct them to read the posters and print them for their records.


Seattle’s workplace poster containing information on labor standards has been revised for 2021.  In addition to the English version, the poster is available in 19 other languages, including Japanese. 

The City of Seattle will mail a revised workplace poster to every business with a Seattle business license.  Copies of the poster are also available for download from the City’s website:


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